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Душевая головка

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Душевая головка

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It has always been the dream and one of the goals of designers, who have always dealt with the uniqueness of this element, to try and develop different types of products that contain it, transform it, and use it for different purposes.‎ Projects that have always worked around a container, confronted with geometrical shapes and volumes of different materials which have sought to enhance the transparency of water, to channel its beneficial power, to enhance and guarantee well-being.‎

antoniolupi has gone beyond by attempting to shape water without containing it.‎ Thanks to the use  of air and the particular arrangement of the nozzles, the Kosmo showerhead can shape water.‎ It gives life to a particular jet that refers to the image of soap bubbles that are formed thanks to a light  breath, to marine jellyfish that move ethereally between the waves, to a fountain of water in which  the gushes that originate from the center describe a hemispherical shell of water that gradually dissolves during its fall.‎
Kosmo is a showerhead that guarantees total relaxation that a jet of this softness is capable of.‎ The formal and essential aspect of an element which leaves the role of protagonist to water through its  immaterial being.‎ A continuous reflection and changing of dialogues with light and thousands of  fragmentations of the surface of the water.‎

Kosmo contains functionality and a touch of magic as often happens in the antoniolupi collections.‎ It is an important moment of that path aimed at maximum customer satisfaction and the constant search for innovation in every aspect, going beyond stereotypical schemes but always trying to  excite and make every experience unique.‎

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