BARRISOL® MICROSORBER | Перегородка для столов

Перегородка для столов


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BARRISOL® MICROSORBER | Перегородка для столов By BARRISOL


Перегородка для столов

Light and unobtrusive, Microsorber® partitions provide effective separation in your workspaces without affecting the brightness of your offices.‎ Give free rein to your imagination by modulating your spaces thanks to these Microsorber® partitions.‎
Microsorber® films are light and flexible, transparent, translucent or opaque and printable.‎ They improve the acoustic comfort of your spaces.‎

Technical and practical advantages
Aesthetics and lightness:
• Transparent, translucent or opaque printable films
• UV resistance
• Less than 0.‎50 kg/sqm
• 100% recyclable
• Low carbon footprint
• Lightweight
Practicality and flexibility:
• Quick and easy self-installation
• No risk of the partition falling down or the need for extra floor space
• Modular
• Cleanable and disinfectable
• Waterproof film
• Acoustic option available

Arrange your partitions according to your desires and improve the acoustic
Acoustic performance up to 0.‎70 αw depending on configuration.‎
Microsorber® partitions are available in a standard version made of watertight film or in acoustic micro-perforated version.‎
The microperforation allows to absorb the sound for the greatest acoustic comfort of your employees.‎

4 standard sizes that can be used vertically or horizontally.‎

Can be printed
Customizable MICROSORBER® membranes are printable.‎
Whether you choose a transparent, translucent or frosted film, in the standard watertight version or in the micro-perforated acoustic version, you can mark your partitions with your logo or a landscape for example.‎

Partitions on feet
With the Barrisol® systems, other solutions can be envisaged.‎ The partitions on feet allow you to arrange and modify your workspaces according to your needs.‎ These partitions provide protection and acoustic comfort without affecting the brightness of your offices.‎ The aluminium frame can be anodised, matt black, matt white or other finishes on request.‎ The legs are made of aluminium.‎

Дополнительная информация
Partitions on casters
The partitions on wheels also allow you to arrange your work or confinement spaces, optimising acoustic comfort if necessary. They are very easy to move by sliding them. The aluminium frame can be anodised, matt black, matt white or other finishes on request.
Roll UP
The practical and efficient Roll Up partitions! In addition to having all the advantages of Microsorber partitions, Roll Up partitions are very easy to transport. To create instant workspaces, they can be rolled up and down in a few seconds to protect you and provide you with all the comfort you need. The structure is made of aluminium. And, don’t hesitate to print it so that it can also be used as a communication support or to create an atmosphere of your choice.

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