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Кухонная столешница


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MORTEX | Кухонная столешница By BEAL International


Кухонная столешница

Timeless elegance - The mineral aspect of MORTEX literally transforms a worktop, kitchen or bathroom giving them a unique appearance, fully personalized.‎ Through the application of a thin layer without visible joints, one can get the illusion of a stone carved in the block.‎.‎.‎ For much lower weight and cost.‎
Custom creations - Choose the shape, color, effects, touch; Create unique pieces giving free rein to your imagination.‎ From the straight lines and curves to the corners, everything is possible.‎ The consistency of the product combined with the expertise of the applicator and tools allow unlimited creations by following the support.‎ You become, despite yourself, "designer-creator" as soon as you discover all MORTEX openings.‎

The MORTEX system is an impermeable finishing coating used for technical and decorative coatings.‎ It provides to your internal and external projects a mineral aspect evoking the "polished concrete" or the "Tadelakt".‎ Showers, floors, pools, furniture.‎.‎.‎ This micro-mortar follows all shapes and brings color to all your creative ideas.‎ 

1.‎ Impermeable
Impermeability in the mass for projects in contact with water.‎
2.‎ Hard-wearing
High resistance to compression and abrasion for an unparalleled lifetime.‎
3.‎ Adherent
Exceptional adhesion allowing an application on a variety of media.‎
4.‎ Flexible
A given flexibility depending on the flexibility of the standard materials of construction.‎
5.‎ Fine thickness
An application in thin layers makes renovation projects and advanced construction easier and ensures low products consumption.‎
6.‎ Extensive range of shades and looks
A neutral base pigmentable in the mass and many possibilities of effects offer limitless colors and renderings.‎

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