Электроустановочное изделие и рамка ЭУИ

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Электроустановочное изделие и рамка ЭУИ

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Two faces of a single line, from control to interface, traditional and smart
Living Now is the BTicino line which unites the best of research into appearance with the most advanced smart technologies.

Designed to fit into every home, it can be used in traditional systems, customising rooms through its innovative design, or express all its extraordinary potential in connected systems.
Living Now is based on traditional infrastructure but is designed for new user experiences.
It can manage the main functions of the home electrical system: lights, rolling shutters and energy, even remotely, with a smartphone via the Home + Control App or, an absolute novelty for this sector, thanks to voice commands.
Manufactured in collaboration with Netatmo, leader company in IoT solutions for the home, Living Now can interface with the most popular smart speakers, opening up to new scenarios of use.
It is already certified for Apple Homekit and Google Home and will soon dialogue with Amazon Alexa as well.

The Living Now design is characterised by its extreme purity of design and the precision of its geometries.
A unique and distinctive shape with absolute planarity of surface and a perfect alignment between the various components of the light point.

The circuit breaker has been transformed into an interface which opens up to user experience.
Interaction with it is immediate, and it is also pleasant to touch thanks to its line and the materials chosen.
Patented “full-touch” controls completely revolutionise the key ergonomics.
It can be operated precisely by touching any of its parts, at the centre, at the top or at the bottom.
Once the key has been pressed it returns to its position, always remaining perfectly aligned.

Designed to perfection, it seems to float on the wall, thanks to a patented system of levers which always allows guaranteed alignment of the keys and to the floating frame which makes up for any imperfections of the wall.
The covers are available in white, sand and black and there are 16 different finishes, in advanced polymer, metal or wood.

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