Cantori HONG KONG Книжный шкаф


HONG KONG By Cantori


Книжный шкаф


Hong Kong is a modular self-supporting bookcase.‎ The base and the load-bearing side panels are made in plywood with ash wood veneering.‎ Each module can be customised with a wooden shelf, which can be used as a shelf or as a decoration, or with container cubes with lift-up doors which can be placed as desired and make the unit always unique.‎ The structural elements are not concealed, but actually stand out and become the stylistic feature of the composition, creating the distinctive character of the post-industrial design.‎ Wood and aluminium are actively combined to give continuity to the modular structure, where the individual components seamlessly become a part of the whole.‎ The Hong Kong bookcase can also be used as a partition wall.‎ The series of apertures designed on the back panel creates light effects which mark and enhance the structure.‎

Подробная информация от производителя о HONG KONG Cantori
Shelf: 59-46-38-27 x 35 x H2 cm
Cube: 27 x 27 x H27 cm
Side: 8 x 35 x 270-H180-90 cm
Base: 556-376-196 x 50 cm
Dimensions HONG KONG

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