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Распылитель освежителя воздуха

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79,00 ₽
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Распылитель освежителя воздуха


Marie, the smart fragrance diffuser with easily interchangeable and reusable capsules, releases fragrances capable of neutralising kitchen odours and perfuming the air inside the home in a natural way.
Practical and safe thanks to cold operation, once the capsule with the desired fragrance is inserted Marie can be activated by touching the logo or through the remote control. It can also be used in the cordless mode, thanks to the rechargeable lithium battery via USB cable. Moreover, it is possible to choose between two programmes: 60-minute continuous operation or 10-minute alternating on/off mode. 
The capsules are available in ten different fragrances, all with a natural base and alcohol-free.
The ‘Chef Secrets’ range - which thanks to the special Neutralyx molecule neutralises cooking odours — includes the White Wine, Tomato & Bell Pepper, Aromatic Herbs, Verbena & Green Tea, Juniper Berry & Lime versions, which are ideal for the kitchen environment.
The ‘Senses Emotions’ range comprises the Oriental Woods, Mont Blanc, Kilimanjaro, Forest Amber and La Marie fragrances, which are perfect for all environments of the home.
Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 185 mm
Colours: Red, Black, White, Winter Blue, Taupe Brown
Soft-touch finish

Подробная информация от производителя о MARIE
Дополнительная информация
Neutralization and perfuming
5 “Neutralyx” fragrances for the kitchen, 5 fragrances for all the rooms.
Safe, interchangeable capsules
Practical and reusable, alcoholfree, naturally based fragrances.
Wherever you like
Remote control and wireless mobility for use in the kitchen and all over the house.
A simple daily task
Easy to use.
Easy to fill.
The cold technology used for Marie avoids the device overheating, allowing safe, practical use.
A motor drives air through the capsule, spreading the fragrance throughout the room.
To activate Marie you only need to insert a capsule and touch the logo or use the remote control.
You can choose between two programmes:
• 60 minutes continuous
• 10 minutes ON and 10 minutes OFF
Marie works with a lithium battery (the USB charger cable is included).
With the Neutralyx molecule, perfect for the kitchen environment
Designed for a sense of well-being in every room

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