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Стул / стол

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When you see the Bistroo you will immediately realise what the double ‘oo’ is all about. The rounded back rests provide support as you sit side by side, watching the world go by. Enjoy a continental breakfast or delicious hors d’oeuvres at the table. The specially designed hole in the table is the ideal place for the garçon to leave a tray of herbs and condiments. No need to worry about your fork falling through the slats of rickety tables. Three legs, two chairs and one tabletop are the basis of this innovative concept. The Bistroo remains perfectly stable on an outdoor terrace thanks to its three cleverly-positioned legs. The fact that this ingenious new concept is quick to stack and lock away is another great benefit for any restaurant owner.
But true romance need not limit itself to just one city. Why not bring a little bit of Paris into your home? Or - even better - put it right outside your door! Wake up in your apartment with the sun peeping through the curtains. Wander past the full-length windows to the balcony, still in your bathrobe, and enjoy a heavenly espresso at your Bistroo. Wave to your darling, just coming back from the bakery with fresh croissants, and spend the rest of the morning leafing through the Sunday papers, side by side. What could be better?
Two seats and a table for every 116 cm of façade. So there’s bound to be space for a Bistroo on any balcony or on the pavement beside your door. In short, Bistroo is a warm welcome to come out more often and enjoy a wonderful afternoon outdoors in the sun.

Bistroo in a nutshell
- Sit side by side
- Quick to stack
- Optional tray to fix to the tabletop
- The new Bistroo combines well with the ‘Virus’ family.
- Materials:
 tabletop: powder-coated aluminium
 legs: powder-coated stainless steel
 back rest: powder-coated ZnAlMg steel
- Optional iPad holder for applications in offices
- Can be left outdoors all year round
- Supported on three legs, making it stable
- Light but very stable
- Fresh palette of colours
- Back rest to help you enjoy sitting outdoors a little bit longer
- Applications: suitable for almost all balconies, terraces, rooftops, bars, restaurants, hotels

Подробная информация от производителя о BISTROO
116 x 94 x H 88 cm

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