Модульная раздвижная стенка

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Модульная раздвижная стенка

I-Wallspace is a partition wall system born to invite original design: With glass as the signature material, it integrates easily with Fantoni's radiant and sound-absorbing systems, providing total design and creative freedom to produce full and complete solutions.‎
For more contemporary spaces, the real focus is on glass and its unique qualities: transparency and brightness make for an innovative partition, a single full-height pane light with a concealed profile sunk into the floor or ceiling.‎ Without making spaces feel cramped, the system offers separate and discreet areas, which nonetheless remain in close contact with the rest of the working environment.‎
This vision of architecture determines the quality of the space, freeing it from the rigid confines of walls, and instead designing and dividing it with light, bright, mdynamic structures.‎
The I-Wallspace partitioning system provides mthe perfect blend of technical requirements and aesthetic excellence: its design is versatile, it can be accessorized and structured to include cable runs and can be complemented by sound-absorbing systems.‎
The system can easily be integrated with any type of ceiling and wall, using frame sections concealed within a floating floor or counterceiling.‎ This innovation makes it possible to house acoustic partitions, forming a barrier to increase soundproofing levels by up to 41dB.‎

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