Kerakoll PAINT (P)

Декоративная краска

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Декоративная краска


Paint is a highly breathable, decorative oily mineral paste, active against mould, fungi and resistant to bacterial proliferation, available in the 10 Warm Collection colours.‎
Paint is hand made by skilled decorators, and any distinctive marks and irregularities in the surface are proof of its refined and exclusive nature.‎
Paint is indicated for internal and external surfaces (ceilings, walls); for all the environments in the house and for all commercial areas (with the exception of shower cubicles and around kitchen units).‎
Paint is a water-based oily paste with the addition of pigments.‎ The innovative formulation enables various textures to be obtained: from an ultrafine lined effect modelled by passing the brush, which give extremely refined and elegant environments, to a textile effect obtained by passing the brush again vertically over the ultrafine line, to a lovely glaze effect that enhances the consistency of the plaster.‎ Paint is a high coverage, matt effect paint with a beautiful consistency, soft and smooth to the touch.‎

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Коллекция Warm by Kerakoll
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