Мини-бассейн Spa

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Мини-бассейн Spa

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QUADRAT POOL RELAX is a mini infinity pool that offers not only a personalised spa experience, but also an elegant solarium with padded sunbed.‎ The perfect combination of the massaging properties of water and regeneration through peaceful relaxation, all in one object.‎  
Designed to meet indoor and outdoor requirements, this free-standing tub stands out for its small size, making it easy to move and position, and its absolute, sculpted geometry that blends the edge harmoniously with the surface of the water.‎ One side of the fiberglass structure elongates to provide support for versatile water and sun resistant cushions, forming an external space that becomes a comfortable chaise longue, guaranteeing total wellness in and out of the water.‎
The pool is fitted with a bench with blower and a lower ledge with room for 3 or 4 people; it also has an adjustable hydromassage system with two settings for back and leg massage.‎ The nozzles can be adjusted separately to give diversified flows.‎
It also features the exclusive Milk System, which releases infinite tiny oxygen particles into the water, turning it from clear to milky-white, a sort of extraordinary beneficial liquid, without the addition of any chemicals.‎ Thanks to the bio-revitalising properties of the oxygen, the Milk System treatment helps to tone muscles and stimulate skin hydration.‎ It also has a detox action to restore bodies tired by stress and time as oxygen in fact combats the free radicals that cause skin ageing.‎ A relaxing, natural treatment, perfect for restoring and maintaining the wellbeing of mind and body at any age.‎
Hydromassage, Milk System option, blower, hydro-colour with underwater LED spots, water-heating system and Bluetooth amplifier for listening to music—all the functions can be managed directly from a waterproof remote control.‎
The new QUADRAT POOL RELAX is a true design product, as perfect for the residential sector as it is for contract and hospitality.‎

Not approved for US standards.‎

2920 mm x 2110 mm x 600 mm – approx. 1000 l. capacity.

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