Lago 36E8 FUSION

Кухонный гарнитур

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Кухонный гарнитур

Design Year

With volumes designed to permit the use of different materials, creating a new form of compositional expression, Fusion Kitchen, the new kitchen designed by Daniele Lago.‎  The three compact blocks fit together seamlessly, creating chromatic and material contrast that emphasises the encounter between volumes in different materials.‎ The middle component is in Wildwood, an aged oak with a three-dimensional grain, and is flanked by massive marble blocks, made to appear light by suspension on extra-clear tempered glass.‎
Fusion Kitchen, which can be configured as a linear or corner-shaped island or wall model, surprises with its effect of solid materiality.‎ LAGO is also introducing XGlass, a new technology for digitally printing the back of the glass, transforming it into a refined, innovative interpreter of natural elements, like marble.‎
XGlass gives the glass marble the appearance of veining that echoes the kitchen’s side volumes, creating continuity between counter and cabinet doors, and is available in four variations: Calacatta, Marble Grey, Nero Marquiña, Oxi Bronze.‎ This new finish opens up fresh new possibilities for design and customisation, and can be used in various interior contexts and for a range of furnishings, like the N.‎ O.‎ W pantry, which, paired with Fusion, can be used to create unique combinations of materials.‎

FUSION KITCHEN was make its official debut at Eurocucina 2018 during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan

540 cm x 280 cm

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