Linvisibile Раздвижную Scorrevole centro parete

Одностворчатая раздвижная дверь


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Раздвижную Scorrevole centro parete


Одностворчатая раздвижная дверь

Linvisibile предлагает свой первый продукт Раздвижную Scorrevole centro parete , с уникальными технологическими и функциональными преимуществами.‎
Инновационный проект с революционным подходом к монтажу, перемещению и техническому обслуживанию раздвижных дверей идеально подходит для всех жилых и рабочих помещений.‎ Его запатентованная технология гарантирует максимальную функциональность и эстетику, даже в самой сложной ситуации.‎
Раздвижная дверь Linvisibile Scorrevole centro parete одностворчатая:
В стандартных размерах (проем):
* ширина : 700, 800, 900, 1200 мм X высоту 2100, 2400 и 2800 мм
Нестандартные размеры (с шагом в сантиметрах)
* по ширине от 610 до 1200 мм
* по высоте от 1910 до 2800 мм
Доступная отделка: слой грунтовки и лакировка (блестящая или матовая), в любых вариантах цвета.‎
Поставка по запросу :
комплект замка Scivola T (Agb)

Подробная информация от производителя о Раздвижную Scorrevole centro parete
Дополнительная информация
Peculiar technical details:
• The aluminum walls forming the panel housing pocket are as sturdy as the walls themselves. The structure is so solid that not even the slightest bending is formed, thereby there is no risk of crack in the plaster and /or pre-selected finish.
• The visible leaf surfaces are absolutely free of through grooves (except for any work done to fit handles).
• A template used as a strengthening spacer to keep the entire structure perfectly true and square during assembly.
• It is provide of a pulling eyelet flush-fitting handle lacquered white RAL 9016 or matt chrome.
• Possibility to realize different types of handles with milling
Double leaves version
The double leaves Pocket Door keeps the main characteristics of the one leaf version:
• Universal aluminium frame, for masonry and plasterboard;
• Feasible for 105, 125 and 150 mm thick walls;
• Possibility to apply the skirting boards flush on the 125 mm version (according to the specifications which are similar to the single door);
• 2 types of panels (free of visible functional processing)
– Standard with the same “squared” shape as the single door panel;
– Upon request, panels with doorstop, with lock and lock strike overlapping on the edge;
• The panel adjustments are always accessible even when the doors are already installed;
• Invisible handle on the edge for pulling;
• The product is equipped with dampening system for opening and closing doors
NOTE: only restriction: for clear width of the single door equal to or less than 750 mm, but with a minimum of 540 mm, the damping is present only on closing;
• Bumpers: as for the 35 kg or 50 kg version of the Linvisibile Marea | Pocket Door depending on the weight of the door for which they are designed;
• By default made with symmetrical doors (the feasibility of a-symmetric doors is evaluated on request)
Available dimensions:
• Minimum size of clear width: Width 540+540 x 1000 mm Height;
• Maximum size of clear width: Width 900+900 x 2400 mm Height 
Glass panel version
A unique system in the sliding glass doors panorama because it allows, thanks to patented guide rail with bumpers, controlling the movement of the door, for softly braked opening and closing.
Marea | Glass Pocket Door specification
Scope of supply:
* aluminium frame,
* glass leaf INCLUDED,
* servo assisted anchorage of the glass panel composed of:
- guide with bumpers,
- carriage equipped with anchorages for glass (and the relative carters),
- base guide,
- profiles for adapting the frame to glass thickness;
- chrome metal pulling handle.
Glasses features:
The anti-touch finishing is only done on the side of the glass with the acid etching. At the time of ordering the side chosen must be specified.
• The laminated glass is done by joining two plates between which the lacquer/acid etching layer is normally inserted.
• The acid etched glass produces a satin texture finish with a “see-through” effect on the surface
• The transparent glass makes it possible to see through the leaf.
The glass supplied is tempered, 10 mm (single) thick or 5+5 mm (laminated).
To allow easy grip of the handle the glass door is designed to reduce the clear width of the frame by about 10 cm, precisely because the door protrudes over the frame line by about 10 cm (example: for frame with clear width :800mm with effective width P.S.:700mm).

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