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The Camargue® is an innovative terrace covering equipped with a bladed roof system, that can be closed off on both sides with wind-resistant Fixscreens ®, glass sliding walls, Loggia® sliding panels sliding panels with wooden or aluminum slats or a combination of the former. The roof consists of extruded aluminium blades that can be tilted to adjust sun protection and ventilation as required.

During showers, concealed guide water channels drain the water towards the columns. This water drainage also operates when the blades are opened up when it has stopped raining, this ensures that you and your furniture remains protected.

Integrated LED lighting, heating and flat panel speakers create extra comfort for the user. Exterior patio shading solutions extend the usable space of a home, a penthouse or building outdoors, tempering the sun’s effects to maintain comfortable occupancy of patios and other outdoor spaces even in the hottest hours of the day and months of the year.

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Technical Specifications
- Dimensions: Max. S 4000 m x P 6100 mm x H 3030 mm / 0° inclination / joinable
- Colours: Available in all RAL colours / Powder-coated (60-80 micron)
- Operation: Electrical
- Snow load: Up to 110 kg/m2
- Wind resistance: Up to 120 km/h for closed blades
Possible Building Configurations
- Stand-alone: equipped with 4 columns
- Fitted to an outside wall: equipped with 2 columns
- Multiple parts joinable both on pivot and span side
- Direction of the slats: Parallel or Perpendicular to the home

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