Фасадная металлическая панель и лист

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Фасадная металлическая панель и лист

Thin-walled, slat-sized concrete - The panels have a very convenient size (1800 x 147 mm) and can be easily mounted and processed on site - both by professionals and skilled do-it-yourselfers. Flexible formats available on request (width up to 105-302 mm and length up to 600 - 2400 mm).

Low Maintenance - Unlike wooden claddings, Rieder Slat Wall needs neither be abraded nor painted at regular intervals. Individual elements can be replaced easily.

Flexible applications
- Facades, claddings of porches, conservatories, terraces, garden sheds, garages, fences and many more.

High fire resistance
- Absolute fire resistance, fire protection class A1, non-flammable, safe alternative to traditional wood panelling.

Colours and Surfaces - öko skin slat wall panels are dyed throughout with natural colour pigments and are available in 12 different colours. The natural, authentic colours of öko skin fit well in landscapes and blend with nature and the environment. The surface of öko skin is sandblasted with varied pressure and creates a vivid surface. 

Fastening system - öko skin can be fitted with color-matched screws or rivets. From 2015, we also offer a hidden fastening system.

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