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Seletti is a furniture and accessories brand with an ironic and irreverent design approach. Seletti's history began in 1964 in the province of Mantua, with roots linked to the Far East, where the founder Romano Seletti imported and resold household products like tin cups, plastic tablecloths, bamboo pen baskets, straw trivets and various accessories to the Italian markets. When his son, Stefano Seletti, joined the company in 1987, he began the revolution that would lead Seletti to become the democratic and irreverent design brand known today. From his vision came the collections of furnishing accessories, table decor, furniture, objects and lighting by designers like Studio Job, Marcantonio and CTRLZAK; and collaborations with artists like Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, from whom the Seletti Wears TOILETPAPER project was born, and brands like Diesel. Despite its global success and the official Seletti North America and Seletti China branches and hundreds of shops worldwide, Seletti maintains its base in Viadana, in the province of Mantua. The facility boasts over seven thousand square metres powered by one of the country's largest photovoltaic systems.

The Seletti universe: irreverently designed furniture and accessories

Lamps are one of Seletti's bestsellers, from Vegaz neon letters, a d├ęcor/lighting hybrid inspired by the world of cinema, to fixtures with animal silhouettes. The original Monkey Lamp by Seletti was launched in 2013 and designed by Marcantonio. Since then, over one hundred thousand articles have been sold, and the family has expanded to include cats (Jobby the Cat), mice (Mouse Lamp), crows (Bird Lamp), elephants, giraffes and dinosaurs (Jurassic Lamp). Seletti's infinite universe is populated by pieces that have become cult objects. These include milk cartons and bottles in the Estetico Quotidiano collection designed by Selab in 2008; the cups and plates in Hybrid by CTRLZAK; the lettering in Neon Art; Pantone boxes and dehumidifiers; Wire metal cabinets; Egg of Columbus recycled paper lamps; Toiletpaper plastic tablecloths; and the Cosmic Diner space candleholders with Diesel.

Seletti - democratic design between art and architecture

Seletti Wears Toiletpaper is a collection of home furnishings and objects (mugs, plates and dishes, lamps, umbrellas, carpets) born from the brand's collaboration with Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. They applied the most striking images from Toiletpaper magazine to design objects. The complete range of products for the home owes its exclusivity not to its price (which remains faithful to the principle of democratic design) but to its audacity and the provocative images selected by the artists. Another particularly irreverent Seletti project is Blow, created in collaboration with Studio Job; carpets, neon lamps, mirrors and porcelain plates depict iconic American symbols and images in a sort of homage to Andy Warhol. One of Blow's most iconic designs is Cora, a reinterpretation of the traditional gas-powered street lamps found in cities at the beginning of the 20th century now reimagined for contemporary interiors. Added to Cora is the Burger Chair and Hot Dog Sofa, as well as a complete line of bathroom accessories. This collaboration also gave rise to the Industry Garden Collection, a family of tables and chairs paying homage to traditional metal garden sets, typical Baroque-style furniture that the brand imported from the Orient many years ago. Architecture is an essential source of inspiration for Seletti. The brand's catalogue includes Palace, a tableware line inspired by Renaissance architecture designed by Alessandro Zambelli, and the Cupolone lamp, a project by studio AMeBE consisting of a hyper-realistic reproduction of St. Peter's dome in resin and two colour variants.

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