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cc-tapis is a company specialized in the design and production of handmade carpets, a niche for true connoisseurs of furnishing accessories. Born in France, but with a creative mind in Italy, Cc-tapis designs and creates in an original way one of the most iconic accessories for interiors, created to give warmth, colour, intimacy and identity to environments. cc-tapis was born in France in 2011, as a rib of the Maison Chamszadeh of Nelcya Chamszadeh and Fabrizio Cantoni, founded in 1943, a company well known for its traditional Persian carpets of rare beauty and quality, knotted strictly by hand. French heart, but all-Italian creativity, because the headquarters of cc-tapis is Milan: and it is right here, that day after day, exclusive carpets that will travel around the world, are designed under the supervision of art director Daniele Lora. Designed in Milan, then, or by the creative people who collaborate with the company, the carpets are materially manufactured in Nepal by local craftsmen, thread after thread, knot after knot, to give much more than a furnishing accessory, but a real aesthetic experience. The company is committed, in each collection, to research new knotting methods and techniques that are both traditional and modern, reaching peaks of originality difficult to find in today's rugs. It is no coincidence that this is certainly not mass production, but a service that is often tailor-made, for demanding customers able to understand why the production of a rug can last for months, waiting for a unique and original result, able to fit naturally into their spaces.

cc-tapis: handmade carpets with contemporary design

The cc-tapis carpets, all born from the capable hands of expert Nepalese craftsmen, are eco-friendly in each of the production steps, in the choice of native Himalayan wool, in the use of filtered rainwater and, above all, in the abolition of the use of any chemical or artificial product. The result is composed of several collections of rugs designed by great contemporary designers and, precisely because they are handmade, all unique pieces, one different from the other. Over time, many artists have lent their inventiveness to cc-tapis. Any examples? The Venetian Chiara Andreatti, who has always been attentive to a type of art that combines craftsmanship and industrial design; the studio Baldessari & Baldessari, winner of many awards in the field of creative design; Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, architects who exhibit their works all over the world.
All the numerous collections of cc-tapis carpets reveal the passion and care that the brand has for design, with the aim of offering elegant, original, unique, never trivial carpets. The Architectural collection, for example, highlights all the love for lines and creative rigor typical of architecture. The Oldie collection has a slightly retro taste, recalls an ancient style, evokes past atmospheres, but always in a contemporary key! The Signature collection represents a leap forward in abstractionism, and offers carpets with undefined, irregular contours, capable of giving a touch of class to the environments of those who love to move away from clich├ęs. SUPER ROCK, inspired by the jagged shape of the rock or SUPER RUNNER, reminiscent of a crystal for crystal therapy are just two of the examples of truly "unusual" carpets found on the cc-tapis pages. Of course, all handmade in Nepal!

The ethics of cc-tapis in the production of his carpets

Today there is a lot of talk about respect for the environment and the worker, but there are few companies that really are not only committed, but are successful in developing an ethical vision of the planet and production processes. cc-tapis is certainly a virtuous example of this winning mentality. Let's start with the choice of raw material, the softest Himalayan wool, ready to be washed by filtered local rainwater, the same that will then remove any impurities from the finished piece of art. The skillful hands of Nepalese craftsmen, who tie the threads following the design that comes from the parent company, NEVER meet chemical products, acids or synthetic fibres: everything they touch is natural and handmade, in full respect of the person.
This philosophy is also reflected in the way cc-tapis takes care of the children of its weavers, whose access and right to study is guaranteed by the non-profit organization cc-foreducation, created in 2015 by the two founders of the company, Nelcya Chamszadeh and Fabrizio Cantoni, as a sign of thanks and respect for those who dedicate their lives to timeless art.

The cc-tapis carpets for sale online

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