Kids furniture

The kids’ bedroom needs to be carefully planned in order to be sure the set up space is functional and triggers their creativity while being able to respond to the needs connected to their growth. For a child, the bedroom is not simply the room meant for sleeping, but also their own private space where to play, do their homework, play with imagination. From the bed to the wardrobe, from the desk to the storage boxes, the kids’ bedroom furniture shall reflect the colorful and creative world of a child and guarantee their safety. Some pieces are designed to last in time and adapt to the child’s different stages of development. Nevertheless, with the beginning of adolescence it will be necessary to re-design the bedroom and adapt it to the changed needs.

Made-to-measure children’s furniture: colorful, safe and handy

The rich world of kids’ furniture encompasses a whole series of pieces that are tailored upon children. The kids’ bedroom furniture features pieces made of natural materials and neutral colors, with pastel solid nuances, although there are also more vibrant and contrasting color solutions. On Archiproducts section dedicated to kids tables and chairs, there is almost any kind of chairs, benches, stools, tables and desks in a small version and available in diverse styles, from Scandinavian to classic, from nautical to country. The same goes for the segment dedicated to kids sofas and armchairs that includes a large array of sofas, pouffes, low armchairs, all standing out for their playful design and vivid colors or pastel tones. The offer of furniture that carries the signature of renowned designers is very rich and encompasses small versions of some design icons. There are also some quite interesting solutions in the kids’ bathroom furniture enabling to integrate the main bathroom or furnish a secondary one. Washbasins, WC, bidets, bathtubs and baby bathtubs made of ceramics, composite materials, plastic or resin.

Furnishing complements, practical and fun accessories

Kids bedroom furnishing complements and accessories offer the opportunity to make the kids’ room more functional and customized. Amid others, toys storage boxes are certainly necessary, a worthy helping hand to keep the room tide-up. Noticeably, playing is the main activity for kids and most of the time the floor is their playground. This is why next to several toys, this part also includes mats and cushions aimed at making the room safer and more comfortable. The kids’ bedroom can be customized by using wallpapers and textiles, colorful and coordinated linens for the bed. Eventually, the bedroom lighting is a detail that should certainly not be underestimated. Table, pendant, wall and night lamps; the model should be chosen by considering aesthetics and, even more, functionality in order to make sure the lighting is planned efficiently. The current proposition for kids bedroom lighting can praise quality products with a catchy design, available in plenty of styles that can finish the room furniture with harmony and taste. Eventually, it is impossible not to mention the Conca kids cutlery set designed by Gino Ponti for Sambonet, an accessory that has entered the history of design for its perfect shape and revolutionary ergonomics.

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