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USM is a family-run business founded in 1885 in Munsingen, Switzerland, by the founder Ulrich Schaerer. Specialized in metallurgy and forging, in the sixties it was converted into a modern design-oriented company that made it a world leader in the production of modular systems for the office and home. The credit goes to Paul Schaerer, representative of the third generation, who decided to modernise the production processes and renovate the site and the factory by commissioning architect Fritz Haller. The project, based on a modular system of flexible steel construction, inspired the architect to create a line of furniture to furnish the offices of the headquarters. This is how the USM Haller modular furniture system was born. The system is based on a ball shaped metal joint that can connect up to 6 steel tubes, allowing you to create countless configurations using modules such as drawers, cupboards, dividers. Today the collection is a design classic, recognized as a copyrighted work of applied art, and is on display at MoMa in New York.

USM solutions for the office and front office

USM solutions have always stood for durable, practical and functional design for the office and front office. USM's philosophy is to ensure that working environments are adaptable to every possible change. In this sense, the modularity of USM furniture becomes a system of values. USM Haller storage cabinets, bookcases and shelves can be reconfigured and expanded at will, even by choosing different colours, so you have endless possibilities for customization. The system consists of parallelepipeds in tubular chrome-plated steel of standard dimensions, in which office storage units are inserted. Drawers, doors and open elements can be combined to create customised archives at various heights, lengths and depths, according to the space available and different requirements.
Each element is available in a palette of 14 RAL colours and a choice of metal, glass or perforated metal finishes. Over the years the collection has been constantly implemented, with the addition of accessories and new product lines, such as USM Haller tables for the meeting room and conference room, and USM Haller office desks, always faithful to the original.
The USM Haller E line introduces an electric current flow integrated in the bearing structure, thanks to the refinement of balls, connectors and tubes. Slim recessed lighting modules and USB inserts quickly attach to the tube with a click. In addition to classic storage units, the collection includes the USM Haller E modular desk with drawers and the USM Haller E reception desk. In 1989 USM launched the USM Kitos collection, a series of desks and tables that can be customised and adjusted in height. The USM Kitos table, the timeless classic of the series, can be customized by choosing from different shapes and sizes of the worktop. In terms of colours, finishes and accessories, this table is the most versatile of the series, thanks to a palette of 37 colours and combinations of laminate, glass, linoleum and wood veneer surfaces. The collection also includes the USM Kitos M tables and the USM Kitos E table, with height adjustment using a mechanical and electronic system respectively, and the Kitos Meeting table. The office solutions are completed by USM's felt-covered partition panels for improved sound insulation.

Bookshelves, desks and storage units for the home

USM office furniture has also found success in the residential sector thanks to its elegant and essential design, versatility and ease of assembly. Bookcases, desks and storage units from the USM Haller and USM HAller E collection are perfectly suited to any home environment and any furnishing style, thanks to the wide choice of colours and finishes. The bookcase can be transformed into a display case by choosing glass shelves or doors, the USM Haller E desk is a great choice for the kids'; room, while the lower modules can be used as TV furniture. To meet the most common domestic needs, USM has integrated the collection with some products specifically designed for the home. For the bedroom, USM has added accessories to its catalogue that integrate the USM Haller E system to furnish walk-in wardrobes, such as the rail for hanging clothes and the USM Inos Box series of polyester containers. The USM Haller Storage for Kid's Room is perfect as a bedroom cabinet.
The bedroom furniture is completed by the UMS Haller Night Table and USM Haller Nightstand bedside tables, also available in the Kid's version. For the living area, in addition to the already mentioned bookcases and storage units, USM offers the USM Haller tables, which integrate perfectly into any furnishing style, thanks to their linear shape and elegant finishes. Dining table, then, but also low coffee table for the conversation area, with the USM Haller Coffee Table or the elegant USM Kitos Coffee Table, with its round shape. ... More ... less

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