Fermob in Clay Grey, Ice Mint and Frosted Lemon

Pastel nuances flood the world of garden furniture

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Fermob in Clay Grey, Ice Mint and Frosted Lemon
20/09/2019 - At M&O, Fermob emphasized the debut of three new colors with a firm leaning towards pastel. Clay grey, Ice mint and Frosted lemon set the tone for garden trends. A statement that is deliberately exhibited on the large walls framing the exhibition. This new universe of coloured whites makes a welcome addition to the colour chart created in 1996, when the brand sent out a wake-up call to the world of garden furniture by daring to use bright, contrasting colours.
From one collection to the next, more subtle and deeper colours have been launched to give a mosaic of shades. Today, these 3 pastel colours provide a touch of softness, freshness and light. They have been designed to exist alone, together or in combination with other colours from the colour chart.

A zest of light

Frosted Lemon is powerful pastel, which awakens the color chart and makes other shades more radiant with its luminosity. Just like the famous sorbet, Frosted Lemon provides freshness and pep. It reminds us of summer and sunshine, refreshment on shaded terraces and the intensity of life.

Already a must-have

As close as you can get to natural materials and taking its qualities from them, Clay Grey is the perfect binder. Essential and timeless, this warm grey goes with all the colors of the color chart to create mosaics of shades that are enhanced by its powdery appearance.

Resolutely invigorating

A combination of white, blue and green is the subtle cocktail that created Ice Mint. It is an assertive shade, which blends well with the clear-cut colors of the Fermob color chart. A tone with subtle variations: tropical or vintage, Italian or Scandinavian atmospheres, Ice Mint calls to mind wide open spaces or a cozy lounge.
Once again, Fermob is putting forward its aesthetic style and is proving its expertise : mastery of formulation in order to find the perfect shade for outdoor use. Technical quality with new tests (scratch-resistance, UV resistance, abrasiveness and humidity) to ensure optimal performance in all weather conditions.

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