Lithuanian Design in Paris!

Enjoy some fresh creative design from Lithuania @ Maison&Objet

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Lithuanian Design in Paris!
04/09/2019 - For those seeking to discover some fresh creative design, Hall 6 of this year Maison&Objet fair will invite to check the joint Lithuanian design stand.

Even 9 different Lithuanian companies will draw attention to their latest furniture and home accessories projects as well as to this compact yet progressive country and its potential.

Stand M140 O139 will gather together EMKO, KITAIP, VIRŪNA, PUŠKU PUŠKU, JOT.JOT, MUISTA, Edu2, SEDES REGIA and GERGAMA brands for your attention, on September 6-10, 2019.

Edu2, the brand that designs and develops creative play furniture for 2-8-year-old children, will present MONAI light table MONAI light table

MONAI light table

While usual illumination is just a source of light, MONAI is a source of a better feeling.‎ MONAI light table can be used as a lighting source, play table for relaxation, painting platform for children or simply a marvelous piece of interior.‎ In 2017 MONAI has been awarded the Golden A’ Design Award (Italy) in Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Category!
EMKO, Lithuanian-based furniture design and home-accessory company,  will reveal Naïve Low Chair to the Parisian audience. Being youngest member of Naïve family, Naïve Low Chair introduces itself with a bright, yet mature and subtle look. Its main visual characteristic is a large leather strap that holds the backrest attached to the body. Naïve Low Chair

Naïve Low Chair

Firm connection between wood, leather and textile serves its function and makes it visually distinctive. After a long day Naïve Low is inviting for a cup of coffee or tea, have a relaxing read, or small adventure while watching a movie. It is a companion which values your time and sitting quality, thus, Naïve Low is the chair to live with. Like other pieces in this family it features a body that can be easily unscrewed and flat-packed. It is composed of a long-lasting natural materials and suits organically to every background.
Gergama, bed and mattress manufacturer belonging to the 25-year-old LONAS company group, presents Bed SQUARE. Bed SQUARE


It is the evolution (or interpretation) of the popular classic boxed headboard. Choosing different rhythms between the lines produces squares of different sizes, which creates the distinctive character of this bed. The pulsation between the larger and the smaller forms gives this bed a moderate playfulness. The contour formed by the lines emphasizes softness, while the light in the embroidery highlights the materiality and soft character of the form., the interior design brand which produces and circulates quality interior items for contemporary design solutions, unveils BaBa easy chair, designed by Iskos Berlin. BaBa easy chair

BaBa easy chair

BaBa easy-chair is an organic soft-formed “furniture pet” that invites you to cuddle up to it, sit on it or sink into its warm embrace. Easily adjustable density, flexibility and hardness of casted foam guarantees the greatest sitting comfort, whereas the highest level of durability helps to maintain the original shape and quality. Slim, graceful and elegant steel legs bring distinction to the uniquely formed soft roundness of the body. 3D-knitted fabric is exceptionally stretchy which offers a high degree of sculptural latitude in the design without resorting to a complex patchwork of fabrics all stitched together.
The furniture design and manufacturing company KiTAIP presents Multifunctional PILLMultifunctional PILL

Multifunctional PILL

The Multifunctional Pill works great in the treatment against clutter and messy environments. The Pill is a round cabinet that works fixed to a wall and can instantly transform into a fully-functional working place, a dressing table, or even a bar! Attach it at standard table height, a bit higher or a bit lower – it’s your choice. The shelving system inside is designed with the idea to allow the user to change and adapt it easily: it can fit a laptop, standard files, catalogues, books or any other personal belongings. Furthermore, the Pill comes equipped with sockets and the option of integrating LED lights. The materials and the fittings used into manufacturing are providing a reliable desk transformation and tabletop stability. Pill suits perfectly to every kind of interior, enabling you to have a hidden space for your items.
Muista is a designer-run company with a focus on products that would bring more body stimulation in work and home environments. Muista will unveil Muista chairMuista chair

Muista chair

Muista chair is a healthy alternative to regular desk chairs. It offers two different interchangeable sitting positions and two rocking directions for muscle stimulation while sitting. You switch between the two positions just by turning the chair.
Pusku pusku produces bean bags with inner and outer bags, that can be used for inside and outside interiors. They will present the Sofa Tube bean bag – an Italian-designed sofa for two! The Sofa Tube bean bag

The Sofa Tube bean bag

Sofa Tube is an Italian-designed sofa made for two people to rest comfortably. This bean bag model was created by an Italian product designer named Francesco Costacurta who represents a company called Why Not in Milan. This hand-made furniture is made with a comfortable backrest to lean against. The new inner bag technology ensures an especially comfortable rest that several family members will be able to enjoy simultaneously. The Sofa Tube bean bag model is made of Riviera fabric inspired by the Mediterranean. Our Riviera fabric is OEKO-TEX® 100 certified, which means that this furniture cover meets the OEKO-TEX® international ecological standard. That means that Riviera fabric is totally safe to use, high-quality and dependable. Because it’s free of any toxic or allergenic materials, it’s suitable for kids as well. Sofa Tube is a great choice for those looking for an alternative to ordinary sofas and a unique design solution for their home.
Sedes Regia’s DNR is producing high-end contemporary upholstered furniture with craftsmanship and creativity. The will present BUNNY.  BUNNY


Unpretentious and cute Bunny shares positive vibes with the surroundings. Although associated with a domestic animal form our childhood, Bunny can in fact be a decorative piece for a modern office, a stylish shopping mall or a lounge area at school. Changing its pink fluffy fur with textured wool fabrics can dress it for any occasion. Different height of the soft backrest segments shape Bunny’s animal-like silhouette. Its soft, round details create firm yet comfortable support and invites to relax. It is like a friend who is always in a good mood, introducing a grain of playfulness in our lives.
Viruna was founded in 1994, seeing the difficulties of living with standard furniture in not-so-standard situations. Loro portano all'atetnzione del pubblico parigino APOLLO sideboard, designed by etc.etc. APOLLO sideboard

APOLLO sideboard

Apollo collection was inspired by the first lunar odyssey which took place in 1969. Cosmic yet very minimalist and eclectic, designed to last for centuries.
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