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Gallotti&Radice was the first company in Italy, right from the early seventies, to promote their love for the studio and the use of glass within furniture arrangements. Other people and companies later followed suit. This fact, presently and only naturally provides an advantage, but at the same time, also signifies a sense of responsibility in light of culture and specifically, design. Gallotti&Radice is aware of this, and has presently assumed the task and role of continuing, keeping alive, the development of "genuine" glass designs. Glass, which is simultaneously extremely fragile and strong, transparent and unchangeable, light and enduring, must be tackled, by those designing architectural arrangements, with sincere respect and careful handling, with authentic poetry (which is true creativity as the Greek etymon confirms) and with intense discipline, with patience, reverence, tenacity. With love.

Glass and associated workmanship

The term glass become commonly used to indicate extremely high quality glass panels, with flat surfaces which are perfectly specular. The "float" process is used: the fused glass is drained from the oven into a watertight float. The glass floats on the liquid surface and levels out until it becomes a strip with parallel aspects. Gallotti&Radice, with its vast experience working with glass, adopts various techniques and technologies when producing semi-finished goods which are subsequently used to achieve the end products. Two different production lines, one highly industrialised and one focusing on handcraftsmanship associated with traditions, characterise the Gallotti&Radice work cycles: on one hand, production achieved using high-level technologies and sophisticated automated mechanisms (water jet cutter, industrial grinder, sheet tempering, cleaning and translucency procedures) enable the achievement of modular and multiple components, square and simple shape sheets for serial and standard products. Keeping the tradition alive with protocols with a handcrafted feel in order to offer a customised service, providing sought after forms, exclusive solutions, relying on the experience amassed throughout the years, where expert hands work the glass with care and knowledge transforming it into a design product.

Glass design and production

Gallotti&Radice is characterised by detailed production, which necessitates continual research and great understanding and mastery of the various work processes. The workmanship is not carried out by simply anybody. Extremely high level craftsmen are employed, those that are familiar with the material. They understand the glass Masters and students who safeguard the secrets of the workmanship. A tradition which transcends generations.
In 1971 Adam was born. The architect, Luigi Massoni, explicitly requested the collaboration of Gallotti&Radice to create a furniture display cabinet pane in Milan, at the time, a reference store in terms of Italian design. A table set up for the Christmas celebrations was needed. Adam was the first table created completely from light, transparent, elegant glass. It was 1971. It was an unexpected success.
Another challenge and a clearly defined objective was to create tables for a display within the Brionvega store in Rome. Join two glass surfaces, one horizontal and one vertical. Join them relying on a play of forms which evokes rationalism and novel modernity even in terms of the materials used: the glass and steel. The Tris small table set is born. The first of an extensive range of products characterised by the steel joint, which presents its relative beauty and elegance, serving to conceal the genuine attachment system. Air demoting airiness, lightness, transparency and elegance which vehemently penetrate usually rigid and static areas: the office. The success of this collection is largely owing to the concept of novel aesthetics. And to the elegance of a timeless design. Least forgetting the visible quality. It is in the air. It transforms spaces and locations. Presented in 2008, this collection managed to, with time, identify the requirements of a new market, transforming to presently become a complete system boasting extreme versatility, At present, Air collection represents the most widely sold Gallotti&Radice product both in Italy and abroad. ... More ... less

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