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Siemens is a global brand in the field of kitchen appliances belonging to the BSH group. The brand, born to develop solutions for the telecommunications, has been present on the market since 1847. Since the mid of the past century it operates in the production and marketing of appliances with a specific attention to the manufacturing of ovens, hobs, cooker hoods, fridges and freezers. Siemens headquarters is in Munich, Germany, but it is present with its offices in roughly 200 countries around the world, counting almost 400 thousands employees.

Ovens, hobs, fridges; Siemens solutions for the home

Siemens has been a player in the sector of appliances for over 70 years. In the frame of its continuous strive for the technological innovation of the sector, the official objective of the company is to put the customers’ habits and needs at the center of its research by offering demotic solutions and highly technological appliances. As a matter of fact, Siemens products stick out for the constant work of research and development, pursuing the integration of new technologies for the house with a special care for the design which is characterized by a modern style and minimal lines. A special attention is payed by the company to the production of kitchen appliances. Ovens, hobs, fridges, freezers, dishwashers and coffee makers, besides tumble dryers and kitchen robots.
Siemens is a point of reference for the continual experimentation in the world of User Experience. To this purpose, the products launched on the market are tested beforehand at each step of their development process in specific laboratories where the appliances are inserted in the typical situations of a family every-day-life. The brand final objective is to provide products for the house which are easy to use, while being equipped with technologically advanced and energy-efficient systems.

Design and functionality of Siemens appliances

The home design branch, for what relates the kitchen area, has been witnessing a progressive collapse of the boundaries between appliances and living area, in recent years. In this context, Siemens has taken aesthetics as an extra selling point, bringing about a creative concept of its own, recognizable and based on the minimalism of its products. The typical examples of the perfect integration between furnishing and functionality are the built-in dishwashers or the KA92DHB31 fridge, both from the iQ700 collection, an ideal statement of balance between modern style and energy efficiency. Environmental awareness is indeed also key to the development of Siemens solutions. The German brand appliances are thought so to bring down water and electric energy wasting. The eco-friendly products have registered in recent years a sharp increase in sales, hence substantially contributing to the growth of the company turnover.

From telecommunications to appliances. The history of Siemens

Since its coming to life in 1847 until a century later, Siemens set on and consolidated its position within the telecommunications domain. Starting from the II World War aftermath, the brand started expanding its areas of interest to the manufacturing of radios, television, washing machines and other appliances; the house-dedicated market segment was channeled since 1957 on, to the Siemens Electrogeräte AG company. The latter was afterwards incorporated together with Siemens & Halske, Siemens-Schuckertwerke and Siemens-Reiniger-Werke to the Siemens AG group. Only one year after Siemens AG establishment, in 1967, a new joint venture between the Bavarian brand and the Robert Bosch GmbH brought to the launching of the BSH brand, managed for 100% by the Bosch Group. Siemens and Bosch are the leading brands of the holding which also gathers six other less renowned brands – namely Gaggenau, Neff, Thermador, Constructa, Viva and Ufesa – and five regional brands - Pitsos, Profilo, Balay, Lynx and Coldex.
Following to the creation of the new brand, the group experienced a growth in all aspects; products-wise new areas of interests were explored and a process of international expansion was started. Among the original three headquarters, all based in Germany, BSH acquired 41 facilities that opened the company up to expand to 13 different countries; if we include the branches, the brand is present in over 40 Countries around the world. Siemens bond is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2001 and on the New York Stock Exchange since 2014. ... More ... less

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