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HIMACS is produced by LX Hausys, a chemical company owned by the LX Group. Solid surface material combines the plasticity of wood with the resistance of stone, lending itself to multiple applications for indoor and outdoor furnishings and design. HIMACS is used for furniture, sanitary fixtures, kitchen furniture as well as for office and contract furniture. It is widely employed in building construction for interior or exterior wall covering and facade cladding. HIMACS products are resources for architects and designers and stand out for their workability, resistance and adaptability. These qualities make the material particularly appealing to the creative intuitions of the masters of design. In 2018, LX Hausys HIMACS UltraThermoforming, a formula that guarantees a 30% increase in the material's thermoplastic properties, an unprecedented innovation in the solid surface sector since its introduction in 1967. The Hausys division of LX Hausys is engaged in constant research and development with the goal of designing projects aimed at optimizing consumption, implementing environmentally-friendly solutions and reducing environmental impact. The company operates in a variety of sectors ranging from design to clothing to windows and doors to toys and automotive leather. The LX Hausys lines develops products are resistant, innovative, protect user health and withstand the test of time.

HIMACS: home furnishing solutions

HIMACS products can be adapted to a wide range of contexts and uses. The material can be used in home design for such furnishing elements as storage units, shelves, wall units and built-ins. HIMACS is reliable, resistant, hygienic, and can be used safely for common areas and children's rooms. Aesthetics and structural solidity distinguish furnishing elements in solid surface material that can be modeled to optimize production times and consumption. The HIMACS catalog includes a series of bathroom fittings, washbasins, bathtubs and showers, suitable for every style from modern to minimal to classic to shabby chic. LX Hausys stone accessories come in a variety of shapes and dimensions with the versatility that is the true hallmark of HIMACS products. The range of solutions for the kitchen is also far-reaching and varied, and includes accessories, kitchen tops, cooking tops, peninsulas and counters.

HIMACS for offices and shops

HIMACS products can be used for office and contract furnishings. Wallcoverings, office tables, desks and complements in solid surface material can be employed for the decoration and design of workspaces that seek a well-defined style characterized by the elegance and structural strength of walls and interior or exterior design coverings. HIMACS collections are particularly suitable for retail use in retail and food & beverage activities, as well as other public structures. The product's extraordinary versatility makes HIMACS a transversal solution in the field of "art design". The new generation of solid surface material can be worked easily with traditional carpentry tools, guaranteeing the same resistance as stone. HIMACS products ensure elevated levels of dimensional tolerance, heat resistance and simplicity in polishing, qualities that LX Hausys has been able to obtain thanks to intense and constant R&D activity. HIMACS was born from LX Hausys' Hi-Tech infrastructure and benefits from the superior knowledge of the Korean company's specialized laboratories. Raw materials undergo strict quality controls, and the entire process of production, handling and use produces zero emissions in compliance with EN/ISO 16000 directives. ... More ... less

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