The frames are very versatile decorative elements, used since ancient times to give lustre and prestige to the paintings of great artists. The oldest were usually made of wood and applied directly to the edges of the paintings. They often became true works of art too, enriched with relief decorations, carvings and precious colours. Over the centuries, different techniques and styles have followed one another, while keeping intact the main functions and characteristics of this particular object until today. With the same principle in fact, today frames are used as an important tool to give value and, at the same time, to protect the graphic works of contemporary artists. They are also an important and distinctive complement to our homes, the most modern work environments or any other environment we live in on a daily basis.

Wooden frames: a timeless classic

Finely carved in ancient times or in minimal style for the most modern, wood remains the most used material for the realization of these objects. Wooden frames have always been used as a perfect complement to a canvas, print, photograph or drawing. Wood can be left to its most natural and neutral aspect or become a characteristic element of a composition thanks to a bright colour or a particular decoration.

Colours, shapes and versatility of the frames

Hanging on a wall, resting on any piece of furniture, suspended by a thread...modern frames can be placed anywhere. They can have different shapes, from the simplest, such as the classic rectangular frames or the softest round frames, till to the most abstract and original contours of the design frames. In addition to wooden frames, metal frames are very common in our homes, they embellish, give light and are usually used as photo frames or as a support for mirrors. The materials with which the frames can be made, however, are the most varied, from plastic to ceramic or even made of concrete, an element that until recently could hardly be thought of as a decorative object.

The right frame for every need

The infinite possibilities of choice allow everyone to find the frame that best suits their needs and their style. The choice of the right frame depends on what we are actually going to frame, but also on the environment in which it will be placed. A formal environment will require a frame made of the most classic materials and styles, a modern house will need a frame with cleaner lines, a more romantic environment could be enhanced by frames in shabby style, there are so many combinations and they are for all tastes!

A frame can give space to memories and creativity

A frame can talk about us, it can help us telling and making even more special the unforgettable moments of our lives. And if a single photograph is not enough, it is possible to use modular supports or multiple frames, where you can put all the images of a story or a journey together and relive it whenever you want. However, frames don't necessarily have to contain anything, they can become the protagonists of an environment! It's fun to get out of the schemes and go beyond the function of objects: for example, many colourful frames, all different from each other, can be collected and hung all together on a wall, making even the most anonymous spaces original and creative.

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