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Founded in 1963, Clei was the first company to explore the complex world of transformable furniture. Over the decades, the brand has specialised in multifunctional habitats. With its uniqueness in the world of interior design, Clei immediately positioned itself on the market as an innovator, supporting research to create products with added value thanks to patented technologies and an eye to the future. For Clei, innovation is a tool for growth, which, combined with intuition, skill, creativity and market knowledge, has made the company an undisputed sector leader. For Clei, conceiving living space evolves with the concept of the intelligent home that can be transformed according to user needs. The company is committed to the idea of flexibility, which first and foremost means flexibility of design and use, with new and alternative possibilities for furniture layouts that can take on completely different configurations depending on their use. Clei's versatile, multifunctional furnishings are also flexible over time, allowing domestic space to adapt in a variety of ways. A Clei living space is optimised and adjustable thanks to variable and reconfigurable modular systems.

Clei Living Solutions: the evolution of the concept of the home

At Clei, the idea of the home adheres to a new, more intelligent design based on an innovative reinterpretation of function that uproots the traditional subdivisions of domestic space. Clei furniture results from design and technologicalresearch that overcomes the clear and static separation between living and sleeping areas; the brand offers intelligent solutions to make the most optimal use of space. A perfect example is the Tetris wall-mounted bookcase, whose modular units are available with doors and drawers coordinated with the Living System and Young System collections. In addition, Tetris includes the GirĂ² extendable table. This integrated console that can be transformed into a dining table is composed of two folding tops, a supporting leg and a rotating mechanism. Another Clei solution is Wally, a rectangular table with a drop-down opening system assisted by gas springs; it can be applied to convertible models like Ulisse and Penelope, or fixed to the wall.

Clei concealed furnishings for a made-to-order habitat

Clei offers a made-to-order habitat - the perfect synergy between products and lifestyle needs. The Clei Living System collection embraces this concept in the Kitchen BOX concealed kitchen, an intelligent and space-saving solution consisting of a fixed block connected to an equipped wheeled unit that closes the system to hide the kitchen when necessary. The Living System/Young System collection offers a series of chameleon-like modifiable elements, like the Boiserie modular wood wall unit, made up of vertical panels customised with shelves and accessories that can be integrated with other Clei systems. The Oslo collection offers an equipped wall with a sofa - a transformable system with a fold-down double bed and storage space. Kali Duo Board, another transformable design with horizontal foldaway bunk beds and an integrated desktop with a tilting opening system, optimises space. Kali Board has a single foldaway bed that can be transformed into a desk if required; it is also available in a sofa version. The LGM series proposes different solutions for wall units with foldaway beds that function as living areas, contributing to creating cosy and comfortable spaces. A simple rotating movement modifies the multifunctional units. ... More ... less

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