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Henge is a young brand that focuses on the research of unique and rare materials implemented in the realization of high-end furniture, home accessories, and lighting. The company, located in the Veneto region of Italy, was founded by entrepreneur and current CEO Paolo Tormena in 2011, supported by the creative direction of Massimo Castagna. Tormena’s passion for extraordinary materials from all over the world and his forward-thinking vision made Henge a leading player in the interior design universe in less than a decade. Since its inception, Henge has always emphasized working with local craftsmen as well as artisan workshops for each category of products. The choice of working with expert craftsmen allows Henge to push the potential of raw materials, obtaining results that are impossible to have with an industrial automatism. Thanks to the advanced research and processing methods for new materials, run by Paolo Tormena himself and architect Isabella Genovese, Henge’s collections boast a wide choice of unique, precious, and rare stones, marbles, metals, and woods. An example is the incredibly rare Breccia Medicea dell’Acqua Santa, used during the Renaissance by the Medici family in European churches. Henge’s collaborations with international designers such as [https://archiproducts.com/en/designers/yabu-pushelberg Yabu Pushelberg] and Ugo Cacciatori among others brought the company to a global distribution and awareness. Today, Henge has showrooms and partners in over 70 countries, including its newest location in Milan at Via della Spiga 34. The Milanese showroom will be the stage for the launch of numerous new collections during the yearly Design Week. 2023 also sees the inauguration of the Henge Factory, a project aimed at bringing back to nature a disused industrial area, originally built with excessive concrete and asbestos.

Henge: a paradigm of contemporary elegance

The brand searches for extraordinary materials from all over the world, looking for their expression, giving value to their natural characteristics and production criteria. It explores unique materials that can tell a story that doesn’t need to be told through words as it is understood simply by getting in contact with it. HENGE believes the core of Made in Italy is found in the small craft shops which maintain the secrets of Italian excellence. Knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation to survive the modern era and industrial production. HENGE looks for these secrets and turns them into its trademark, adding the techniques impressed in the hands of the best Italian artisans to the vision of the great designers it works with. The brand travels relentlessly and goes beyond physical and geographical borders. HENGE goes after materials and their stories with great instinct. It looks for the rarest and most expressive materials found in different cultures and in the furthest international landscapes, linking wood, stones, metals, glass, leather and fabric from the most distant parts of the world. ... More ... less

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