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YAAZ is a Turkish agency specialized in the design and production of outdoor furnishings, born as a spin-off of Adasan, a company that has been a leader in furniture for the contract world for over twenty-five years. The design of YAAZ interprets a wide range of products from armchairs to sofas and reclining chairs to accessories such as baskets, lamps and cushions. The brand name recalls the summer, a moment that brings on a sunniness that defines the entire philosophy of the company. The exterior environment, in fact, changes constantly with the seasons, and YAAZ interprets this circular and perennial movement through elements that harmonically reflect the suggestions of nature and increases the possibilities for outdoor living.

The philosophy of Yaaz

It’s nature that, with its iridescent appearance, was the first inspiration of YAAZ, and the starting point of an aesthetic and functional study able to return a design that is reflected in the beauty that surrounds it at any moment of the year. The exterior of domestic environments is, in fact, the basis between an intimate interior and a farther and more unattainable space. YAAZ furnishings seek a mediation between these two dimensions, favouring passage through harmony, that special simplicity that generates connection and provokes empathy with those who use them and with the surrounding space. From this collection of assumptions derives the choice of light colours to induce serenity and wellbeing and durable materials like teak wood, aluminium and special fabrics to imitate precise tactile sensations. Even the study of forms, once fluid, once squared off, follows the inspiration of natural elements. YAAZ outdoor elements are the fruit of a conscious choice that considers sustainability in its every aspect: the philosophy of possessing fewer objects, but of higher quality, refers to their duration over time, the ability to make an impression with lightness and to remain. ... More ... less

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