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Lapitec® is the only sintered stone in the world certified by the European Commission: a timeless, full-body material for interior and exterior projects, made with the purest minerals on Earth. Lapitec is created with an exclusive patented technology: a vacuum vibro-compression process of a mixture of selected natural minerals, previously melted up to 1,150°C. Following the shaping, Lapitec slabs are thermally consolidated at very high temperatures and finally leveled on both faces, calibrated to a predefined thickness and mechanically processed on the surface, to give an extraordinary tactile sensation of high materiality. The consistency and resistance of Lapitec allow for any type of processing. Being uniform throughout the thickness – from the upper surface to the lower one – the material can be worked like natural stone, resulting in aesthetically perfect outcomes.
Lapitec is heat and frost resistant, UV and scratch resistant. It does not absorb and prevents the nesting of dirt, mold, and bacteria. Lapitec is incorruptible over time and is not attacked by atmospheric and domestic agents; after cleaning, it does not show any degradation, maintaining its original appearance. Lapitec slabs are available in 18 shades – divided into 2 collections – and 6 different surface finishes. Each slab can have three different thicknesses: 1.2 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm. ... More ... less

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